Whether once or on a regular basis and no matter what the amount – your donation helps!

The reintroduction of the Ural owl is an effective measure to counteract the permanent decline in the number of species in Austria. By sponsoring the comeback of the Ural owl you yourself can set an example.

•With EUR 25 you finance one month of best food for a couple of Ural owls
•With EUR 50 you contribute to the construction of a nesting box
•With EUR 100 you support the purchase of a transmitter monitoring and protecting the owls

The bank details are as follows:
KontoNr. 51430900401
Bankleitzahl 12000
[IBAN AT 74 1200 0514 3090 0401, SWIFT CODE BKAUATWW]

Please be sure to fill in “Spende FR280-HKZ” in the field Kundendaten!

Please help! Every euro counts!

Thank you very much!

If you have any questions, our Fundraising Team would be pleased to assist you by phone: 0664 737 83 299. You may also contact us via e-mail: habichtskauz (@) aon.at